Looking for a bathroom makeover?

Here’s what you need to know before you begin!

How Do We Install Our Wall Finishes Without Hacking?

What does zero hacking mean? Our wall finishes do not require you to hack into your existing tiles which also comes at a costly price. Using top grade adhesive and latest application technology we can assure you that it will be a hassle free experience.

What Happens When Our Product Meets The Screw?

We understand the struggle most homeowners face when it involves drilling or hammering to add other household necessities as it might shatter your wall tile surface. Muro’s wall finishes allow you to do all of that but minus the shattering part!

Can Muro Wall Finishes Be Torn Down Easily And Will It Peel Off?

How strong are our wall finishes that it doesn’t require hacking and can be applied on top of existing ceramic tiles you asked? Our construction grade adhesive is very durable and when applied will not peel off at all.

Is Muro Wall Finishes Waterproof?

What makes our waterproof feature stand out is that it is fast drying which helps in maintenance during the long run. The fast drying aspect makes cleaning twice as easy so you don’t even have to break a sweat trying to clean it.

Is Muro Wall Finishes Shatterproof?

We pride ourselves in making our wall finishes slim, light yet durable all together in one as we take into account the type of conditions our wall finishes will need to withstand. Even with vigorous handling throughout the whole journey from pre and post production, we can guarantee you that it won’t shatter.

Is Our Wall Finishes Fast Drying?

You can put your worries to rest with regards to moulding and maintenance issues. Our wall finishes are way easier to maintain than normal tiles as it dries faster which in turn eliminates the chances for moulding and dirt to fester. Maintenance would be a breeze too because our wall finishes do not require regular scrubbing.

Why are our finishes suitable for bathroom flooring?

Muro floor finishes are designed to not only provide elegant 3D textured designs that enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom but also to offer practical benefits. With features like water resistance, slip-resistant design, and easy maintenance, our floor finishes is tailored to withstand the challenges of a bathroom environment.

Is Muro floor finishes anti-slip?

Our innovative finishes ensures you can reduce the risk of injuries, especially in family bathrooms or homes with elderly individuals. It’s a small yet significant investment in ensuring a secure and comfortable bathroom environment for you and your loved ones.

Is it easy to clean our 3D textured finishes?

Muro’s 3D textured finishes are designed to offer the best of both worlds. Our innovative approach ensures that dirt and grime don’t get trapped within the textured patterns, allowing for an easier and more efficient cleanup. It’s a solution that not only enhances your bathroom space but also prioritizes your convenience.

How do we install our floor finishes without hacking?

Muro’s finishes are designed to be applied directly over existing surfaces, eliminating the need for hacking or demolition. The installation process is efficient, clean, and remarkably simple.

Before & After Bathroom Makeover

Oasis & Polywood



Oasis & Cutstone

Maintenance Care



  • Clean the wall with a dry cloth
  • Wash the wall every 6 months by applying Muro’s bathroom detergent on stainless steel scourer and scrub twice with circular motion then rinse with water 


  • Clean every 3 days to get rid of dropped hair and dirt
  • Deep cleaning once a week with Muro’s bathroom detergent, mop the surface twice (use vikan brush for rough surface selection), then spray clean with water
Wall and floor

Wall & Floor

  • Avoid strong chemicals, acids and bleaches during cleaning
  • Contact our Muro technical team if discouraged products as mentioned before are used

Maintenance Guide Do's and Don'ts

Caring for your Muro bathroom is easy! Our maintenance guide has everything you need to know about taking care of your Muro bathroom. Learn the essential steps to keep it looking its best and avoid common pitfalls.

How and why you should use Muro Bathroom Detergent?

Regular bathroom cleaning routines and traditional cleaning products can be time-consuming and often yield unsatisfactory results. With our specialized Bathroom Detergent, you can effortlessly enhance the look of your bathroom as it is designed to effortlessly remove dirt, oils, and stains, while also preserving the elegance of your walls and floors finishes.

Bathroom Makeover Packages

Based on 9.5ft x 5.5ft x 9ft(H) bathroom size

Package A1

Starting from

  • To supply and install Muro wall & floor finishes (selected designs only)
  • Dust barrier not included 
Package A2

Starting from

  • To supply and install Muro wall & floor finishes
  • Dust barrier included 
Package B1

Starting from

  • To supply and install Muro wall and floor finishes
  • Include toilet bowl, bidet 2 way spray, faucet cold trap, hook bar and shampoo basket
  • Supply Sorento accessories (labour fee to top up between RM500 – RM600 subject to change based on site’s condition)
  • Dust barrier included
Package B2

Starting from

  • To supply and install Muro wall and floor finishes, hand held shower with sliding bar
  • Include toilet bowl, bidet 1 way spray, basin cabinet with pop up waste & bottle trap, towel rack, shampoo basket and floor trap
  • Supply Sorento accessories (labour fee to top up between RM600 – RM700 subject to change based on site’s condition)
  • Dust barrier included
Package B3

Starting from

  • To supply and install Muro wall and floor finishes, 4k cool white eyeball lights, 4ft vanity counter, plaster ceiling with light trough, wiring and LED strip lights
  • Include toilet bowl, bidet 2 way spray, rain shower bar set, towel rack, shampoo basket, floor trap, LED mirror, under mount sink, faucet cold tap, pop up waste, bottle trap (anti cockroach adjustable hose) and towel ring
  • Supply Sorento accessories (labour fee to top up between RM1200 – RM1400 subject to change based on site’s condition)
  • Dust barrier included

Customisation RM10,000 & above

Having space constraints in the bathroom or restricted space to extend your arms in the shower area?

Hoping to transform your bathroom to a resort or hotel- styled feel like the images below?

We do provide customised bathroom makeover services. Our design consultants will identify based on your needs and wants to design your dream bathroom. 

What is included in our customisation package?

  • Rebuild ceiling
  • Lighting
  • Door
  • Walls and floor
  • Bathtub
  • Relocation of toilet bowl
  • Shower screen
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Design assistance

Design assistance (Get to see and touch the actual samples)


Measurement (Accurate measurements to provide proper quotation)


Suggesting a personalized makeover to suit your very own lifestyle. Space planning and consulting for the Do’s & Don’ts


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